Piggy Bank Plan

“Seriously, why does growing our bank balances and saving money seem slower than watching paint dry!”

Look, I get it. Saving money while needing to use your money to live at the same time isn’t always easy, but it really is crucial.
Learning how to save & spend money collectively has often been directly tied to the success of one’s net worth and helps to create security in the unknown of what the future holds.
In fact, by using my money strategy, I went from bankruptcy to having 6-figures in the bank faster than I ever thought possible, and through a few simple yet widely unknown steps, I have been able to multiply those 6-figures in savings and grow my net worth to $5.5 Million.
In this DIGITAL program, I will show you my system to help you learn how you can save money while paying for living expenses, and begin to grow a net worth that will help you in your retirement years.
Together, we will cover:  
  • My strategy on how to keep more money in your pockets 
  • How to strengthen your relationship with money so that you can grow your money 
  • The tools I use (to this day) to be a great steward over every dollar that comes into my world 
  • How you can begin using this strategy right away

Let me show you how to build your cash savings faster than you ever thought possible. We’re talking months, not years.

How to create financial freedom, be in control of your money, AND your future!

I am teaching you the foundation that got my ass out of bankruptcy to grow a net worth of over $5 Million!

This will not only teach you the foundation of working your money, but it will also give you a strong foundation in your relationship with money.

  • Be the Queen of your cash.
  • Be the one who celebrates her finances.
  • Have the confidence to make your money work for you.
  • Have the habits needed to create a financial empire that you are more than proud of.

This is for the person who wants to…

  • get out of financial trouble
  • live off of cash
  • have control of their spending
  • not depend on credit cards
  • feel financial freedom
  • begin building great financial habits
  • have a strong relationship with their money

What the heck is this program anyway?

  • Multiple Live trainings
  • Lou’s beginner's strategy for building basic wealth 
  • Lou’s step-by-step strategy for putting more cash in your pocket 
  • Personal work led by Lou’s promptings 
  • Lifetime access to the program

What the heck are you going to learn...

  •  An easy method to begin saving money, whether it is for retirement, an emergency fund, or a vacation 
  • Learn to live off of cash so that your credit cards are no longer the master of your life 
  • How to pay off the debt in a way that keeps you thriving off of cash 
  • How your mindset and feelings around money dictate how money flows in your life 
  • Learn how to create a strong relationship with your money 
  • How to use the templates that are provided in the trainings 

...and more!

$333.00 USD