$111.00 USD

The Iconic Client Experience

Your business is growing slowly, and you are wondering what offers to launch next.
Sometimes, it may seem like you're hitting brick wall after brick wall, trying to figure out how to lead your clients within your business.
You wish that you had your offers lined up for smooth transitions for your clients as they move from one offer to another and so on.
You have epic offers that people love but are only sometimes buying.
You have an offer that sells well, and your next one "flops," leading you to confusion and frustration about why "it's not working."
You want:
To create a ladder (funnel) for all your offers that a client can quickly move through
People buying every offer you promote
To have your offers lined up for the next 3, 6, 9 months, etc.
Consistent sales from your upcoming offers
To quickly sell your clients into the next offer, over and over again
Your business & offers to be set up to not only support your clients but also to support you
By building your offers strategically, you can provide your clients with the ULTIMATE adventure, ensuring they stay with you for the long run. This is the key to sustainable business growth and the focus of our training program.
ICONIC is all that... and more.
Iconic is a three-part training where you will learn the TANGIBLE HOW to grow a sustainable ladder (funnel) of offers that will make you money while giving your clients the service, support, products, and opportunities they need.
Iconic is for you if:
You want to make more money
You want to create a ladder (funnel) of offers that you can quickly and effortlessly move your clients through
You want to know your upcoming offers so you can be prepared to share them
You want your clients to stay with you for the long game
Iconic is the program that will have you building offers that your clients want and need. You will walk away from this program knowing how to create a ladder (funnel) of offers you can easily guide your clients through.
This training is delivered in video format, and we have uploaded it to a podcast feed so that you can have me, your cheerleader, in your ear anytime, anywhere.