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The Duality

There are times in life when you are trying to show up in your business while dealing with some tough shit in your personal life.
You must show up in your business as the "fake, happy you" while dealing with something discouraging, disappointing, or crushing your spirit.
You may have cried yourself to sleep last night, but here you are, working your ass off to make this business work. When you simply want to curl up in bed with your blanket and a movie and say "Fuck it" to the world.
There are days where you show up in the power of "I'm going to take over the world," and then there are days of "WTF am I even doing here?"
And, when your personal life seems so challenging, how do you even show up in your business?
You want to:
-show up in your business as your best self, no matter what is happening in your world outside of your business
-operate your business from a place of peace, even when there seems to be none in your life
-be there for your clients and not allow your current situation to affect serving them
-learn how to be able to put thoughts, emotions, and feelings on a shelf while you are supporting and growing your business (and how to pick them up afterwards - we've got to feel & deal)
-understand how our thoughts, feelings, and emotions don't get to drive us
The art of NOT allowing negative shit to dictate WTF you are doing to create success in your business.
You want to be able to rise above the bullshit and run your business as the badass CEO that you know you are meant to be.
⬆️THIS⬆️ is why The Duality exists.
The Duality is a 3-part training where you will learn how to hold the energy of working through the tough stuff AND continue to show up in your business. This program will show you that living a life of Duality moments is manageable and does not have to ruin what you have worked so hard to accomplish.
You didn't come this far only to come this far.
The Duality will show you how to balance growth and being stretched simultaneously.
The Duality is for you if:
-You want to grow your business while you dive deeper into your personal growth
-You want the tools and strength to be able to hold it all through the thick of things
-You want to feel the strength, security, and confidence that you can get through anything AND continue to build a successful business
-You want to know that you can handle what you are being dealt, crush the process, and come out the other side more powerful than ever.
This program is filled with experiences, lessons, teachings, and actionable items to help you move through the dualities of self-growth and mastering your personal life while remaining firm in your business.
This training is delivered in video format, and we have uploaded it to a podcast feed so that you can listen to these trainings anytime, anywhere.