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The Epic Client Journey

You are not filling your client roster in your business even though you share your offers on social media and via email.
Your business is not growing with raving clients even though you provide incredible products/services to your clients.
You find yourself in a perplexing situation. People are initially interested in your introductory offers, but then they seem to lose interest, leaving you with a sense of bewilderment and a nagging question: don't they buy your next offer?
You wonder why people inquire about your offers and yet don't buy.
You are going all in creating and promoting your offers, and yet you get crickets from your community.
The main issue in your business is the lack of understanding of your clients' journey. It's not about their journey through your offers, but the journey they and their business are currently on. This is the key to unlocking your business's potential.
When business owners hear "client journey," they ultimately look within their business and wonder if the client ladder (or funnel) is the correct journey to take their clients through.
While the client ladder (or funnel) is crucial for a successful business, it's equally important to understand the client's journey. This understanding allows you to offer your clients what they truly need and want, not just what you want to provide them. This shift in focus can significantly impact your business's growth.
You are wanting:
-To fill your client roster with incredible, utopia clients who wish to pay you your value and love working with you
-To understand your client's needs/wants on a deeper level
-Potential clients hot for your offers before you even fully promote them
-An audience that wants everything you offer
-Your DMs full of people begging to work with you
Understanding your client's journey within their own business is where you will make bank!
⬆️This⬆️ is what EPIC is all about.
Epic is a three-part training where you will learn how to tap into your clients' journeys and create offers that support them on their journeys, which will have clients lining up to work with you.
EPIC is for you if:
-You want to understand your client and their journey fully
-You want to deepen your client support and offerings
-You want to impact more people through your business
-You want to make more money, serving more people
This program is filled with experiences, lessons, teachings, and actionable items to help you shift your focus, attention, business, and offerings to fully support your clients and their journey. No more wasting time creating offers that are not selling like they should.
This training is delivered in video format, and we have uploaded it to a podcast feed so that you can listen to these trainings anytime, anywhere.