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Masculine Money

Say goodbye to the stress & overwhelm and say hello to finding safety & comfort in your relationship with money with this live training, ensuring that you will find peace and pleasure in your financial journey.

If you're a woman in business or starting a business and you find yourself saying

"Oh fuck me... why do I never have enough money and why does it feel like the more I make, the less I have? I work so hard for money, like WTF?" - this is for you!

REAL TALK: I get that managing money can be stressful, that is why learning how to satisfy the Masculine energy of your money is so important.

Buuuuuuut the fear of running out of money...

the stress of having to sell to pay bills,


You might even find yourself with more month than money at the end of the month.

You might be experiencing WTF money energy, wondering where your hard-earned money goes. And, really wanting to stack some cash but being unable to do so because you simply just don't know how.

And all this? 

Has probably got you feeling anxious.

And not achieving the success you want in your business and with your money

Or even worse? An impostor in your business


What if you could securely attach to your money, to feel a sense of safety and security that you have never felt before, PLUS have a plan that has your money following your dreams?

I, Lou, totally get it! There was a time when we only had $3 in our pocket, our bank account was overdrawn, and our credit cards... maxed out.

That is why I had to figure out how money truly worked. I needed to know how to, not only work the system but to beat the system. This is where I discovered that money is energy and in fact, money has 2 sides of energy, just like us, the masculine & the feminine. I discovered that when you create a plan and processes to implement the plan, you can satisfy the Masculine energy so that we can play in the Feminine energy to create and grow your business, your sales, and especially your money <<< this is the solution to all the above.

It comes down to understanding HOW TO satisfy the masculine energy of your money because once you do that, EVERYTHING changes. 

And it is the KEY to attracting more money into your life and STACKING it to work for you. <<< This is how abundance in wealth is built. 


Pssst... this is how we (Hubs & I) from $3 in our pocket to a Net Worth of over $5 Million!

Imagine how it will feel...


Stress from selling to make money

Feeling like big money is out of your reach

Money is hard, confusing, and overwhelming

Needing money


Selling from ease because you love what you do

Being surprised how easily money drops into your bank account

Money is easy, understandable, and fun to create

Wanting money

If it sounds pretty f*cking good then...

Here is what you will be learning...

Say goodbye to feeling anxious and avoiding your money!

This live training, Masculine Money is here to support you & train you to step into...

- where to place your attention and why
- how to change, shift, and pivot your frequency around money

- why you need to focus on today vs. 10 years down the road

- building the discipline needed to hold more money in your energy
- how being attached to false narratives, mostly stories & experiences from your past, is keeping you right where you are

You are also going to walk away with...

- a plan to satisfy the Masculine energy of your money
- step-by-step actions & tasks to stay committed to the plan

- being able to acknowledge when the Masculine energy is becoming restless

- how to once again satisfy the Masculine energy so that you can continue to play
- the physical action steps needed to begin stacking your cash and creating a profit to build wealth

If it sounds pretty f*cking good then... Simply fill out the details below and... YOU ARE IN!!