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Zone Of Genius

I want you to ask yourself these questions... let's see where you are at:
1. Are you making the $$ in your business that you want to make in your business?
2. Are you having a hard time figuring out what to sell/what people will pay you for?
3. Are you copying what other people are selling in the hopes that it will sell for you?
4. Are you overcomplicating your offerings?
5. Do you wish offers/selling/sales were easier for
If you answered yes to even one of these questions... keep reading.
Do you ever say, "There's gotta be an easier way to make money!"
So, my question back at ya is... why are you making this "making money thing" so hard?
I would even stretch across the table, lean in, and whisper... "you know you are the key, right? You know you already have everything you need to make so much money, easily and effortlessly... right?"
You are now looking at your screen with an inquisitive look that you would be giving me from across the table... I see you boo!
Here's the thing, we may think that we are "da bomb" but, at the same time we are searching outside of ourselves, looking for the magic key that unlocks a precious gift that people will throw money at you to have. 
If there is 1 thing that I have learned from being in business for nearly 30 years and supporting over 5,000 women in business, it's that what will make us the most money, is found in what we find easy to do, understand, teach, train, write about, and share. 
Instead of staying on the easy street to success and money, women think that what they know is too simple to profit off of. This thought is followed by a second thought of...
 "why would someone pay me for that!?"
If you have thought this or are thinking this... then THAT is exactly what you should be selling in your business.
The Zone of Genius will not only help you to discover your truest zone, the one that makes you pop... stand out... and make money, but it will also help you to create the confidence to create within your Zone of Genius so that you can build offers that will have you reaping financial rewards from your work 
The Zone of Genius will also help you to begin planning your offers and get you in the mood to create and sell them, like never before. 
My goal is to hear you say "someone would pay me for that... are you serious?" during our week together!
My goal for you is to gain clarity and confidence in what you are truly incredible at, with a knowing that you are the secret sauce... you are the reason you can build wealth & abundance in your business.