Pay Yourself First Masterclass

If, in your business, you are not the first person being paid…

You are doing business wrong!

You, the owner, the creator, the operator, the genius, the guru, the gift to this world…

You NEED to be paying yourself first!🎤👇


Because of the energy paying yourself not only gives you but gives your business.

🤢When you choose to put yourself last on the payment list 3 things normally happen:

  1. You don’t get paid because there is no money left
  2. You become resentful of the business because you are putting in the time/energy and are getting nothing out of the business… AKA working for free
  3. If you do get a little cheddar to take home it is not nearly what you deserve or the value of your worth

There is an ORGASMIC shift in a business owner AND their business when they are being paid first!🌶🔥

Paying yourself first is a monumental step in one’s business journey.

And… if you have a life partner who is all about the money, who gives a hard time for working in your business a lot, and yet you are not bringing money into the family, this is THE BEST way to get them off of your back!😉

The entrepreneur empowerment begins with paying yourself first!

🔥Here is what happens when you, the business owner, pay yourself before anyone or anything else:

  1. You begin to fall in love with their business again and in a much deeper way
  2. You work smarter and become creative in how you can make more money
  3. Your motivation, confidence, and embodiment go off the charts because

Again… your business, the finances, and everything in-between becomes orgasmic!


Seriously, if your business finances don’t make you excited, don’t give you an orgasmic experience, you are operating your business finances all wrong.

Start by paying yourself before anyone or anything else… TODAY!

It doesn’t have to be millions of dollars!

Start with a small amount!

Even if it is $100… it is a start!


This is the training that will have you well on your way to, not only paying yourself first but ALSO stacking cash in your business.

 Learn how paying yourself first shifts the energy in your business while putting cash in your pockets and increasing your sales.

Pay yourself first and watch what happens to you, your business, and your journey!

Its… ORGASMIC 💋🌶🔥💣🥂💰

$44.00 USD