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The Upgrade

It’s time to let go of who you have been and embody who you want to be, get to be, and need to be to create the business & life that you desire so that you can easily reap the rewards of what you are building to succeed.


If you want to make quantum leaps (like really truly - not just words babe) you need to want to become who you must be to live in the leap… and then become them.


REAL TALK: If you’re feeling alone in your journey, like no one understands you and your vision OR you KNOW that you are meant for more and you find yourself saying “What’s it gonna take” or “How do I make this happen” - this is for you.

And, Lou is THE ONE to lead you through Your Upgrade!


Photo 1: Lou in 2007 - Depressed, No Confidence, and Financially Broke

Photo 2: Lou in 2012 - Finding Happiness, Fulfilling Someone Else's Dream, and Getting Her Money Right

Photo 3: Lou in 2024: Powerful, Strong, Confident, and Has a Multi-Million Net Worth

You cannot take the old self into the new realm. And what you are truly yearning for is the new.

Einstein said it best… doing something (in this case being someone) over and over again and expecting different results is insanity. When you try and build this way you are destined to drive yourself in circles of frustration and fear because nothing is working… and you are right.

The truth is…


  • You are running programs that no longer serve your journey
  • You are running programs that no longer serve your dreams
  • You are running programs that no longer serve your success
  • You are running programs that no longer serve your highest self


It’s time to UPGRADE who you are to become who you need to be to enjoy the journey, live your dreams, build your success, and step into your higher self. This is where the old person becomes brand new… to the point where people don’t even recognize them. Then you step into your higher self, and not just embody the higher self, but physically become them.

That is when…


  • Money flows so easily
  • Freedom becomes a way of life
  • The hard stuff gets to be so easy
  • Happiness just is… you don’t have to create it
  • Taking action becomes second nature in your life
  • You easily receive the next moves to make in your life



And, currently, you are not living in all of the above because you are trapped in your old self and that are screaming to get out.


If you are ready to Upgrade, then...




"Working with Lou in a Master Experience reminded me of what is possible and available to me."

Coaching Client

"Being a part of Lou's Pure Imagination Master Experience helped me tap into a forgotten part of me. It helped restore the faith I have in myself."

Coaching Client

By the end of this experience, you will...

have the energetic AND tangible, actionable steps to easily implement into your daily life.

This is NOT a “come and listen to Lou tell you that all you need to do is embody the energy of who you are”... NOPE we will be creating the steps, making the moves, and becoming the new, future self you.


This is the training that can change, uplevel, and create every aspect of your life.

Why? Because life is about you, how you show up, what you do, how you do it.


Every thought, movement, action… or lack of action determines your future. If you are not becoming the person who can hold, support, dictate, create, and work with the future you want, then it will never happen. Most importantly you cannot hold it all if you don’t become them first.


You will leave this container different than when we started - - if you choose to.

Your time is now!

You are so ready!

How do I know?

Because you are here reading this message. You were attracted to this container for a reason and on purpose.

Say goodbye to feeling like you are a caged bird who cannot figure out how to escape to fly.


This live training, The Upgrade is here to support you & train you to step into...


- who you truly are
- how to bring your upgraded self to life

- why your upgraded self is needed in this world

- what your future could be & should be when you upgrade
- how to create the new you by saying goodbye to the one that has served you until now

You are also going to walk away with...


- a new perspective on how an upgrade happens & how you control it
- step-by-step actions & tasks on how to physically upgrade

- being able to acknowledge when you are slipping back into the previous version of you

- how to hold the energy of the upgraded you, even when it feels wonky/bumpy
- the physical action steps needed to upgrade... YA! It's not a "feel into it" vibe!

Here is what you will be receiving...


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- The live trainings are: March 13, 18 & 20th at 1:00 pm Eastern

- If you cannot make the live calls, you will have instant access via the Facebook group

- A welcome email will be sent to you shortly after registering

- Reminder emails will be sent out 1 hour prior to the live trainings

- Once registered, the confirmation page hosts the link to the Facebook group, which will open prior to the first call

- If you have any questions, please email [email protected]




If it sounds pretty f*cking good then... Simply fill out the details below and... YOU ARE IN!! 


I hope to see you inside... The Upgrade Lou