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Become The Queen of Financial Gibberish

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Do you… 

Want to know what it is they’re actually doing in your business?

Want to understand what it is they should be doing for you? 

Want my list of over 40 questions you should be asking your financial team?

Then it’s time for you to become the QUEEN of Financial Gibberish!! 

 In this 3-part masterclass, you will learn…

 💰The actual role of the bookkeeper 

 💰The actual role of the CFO 

 💰The actual role of the Accountant 

✅What you should expect from each role 

✅What questions to ask each role 

✅How to get more support from each role  

💎How to be the smartest CEO/Business Owner your team has ever worked with

💎How to tell is actually doing their job 

💎How to understand WTF they are telling

You will also learn how to become the DREAM client for the bookkeeper, accountant, & CFO (current or future)!

… all of this is needed to be able to make sound, competent, strong decisions in and for your business!

It’s time to stop relying on what your financial team is telling you, without understanding what it is, they are telling you! 

It’s time for you to become the Queen of Financial Gibberish!