Price Your Worth: The Master Experience

What if you are ripping off you, your business, AND your family by not charging your worth for your products/services? This is why PRICE YOUR WORTH now exists!

This is for the business owner who….

🧲Knows that she is not charging her worth

🧲Wants to charge more but is not sure how much

🧲Knows that she is worth more than she is currently charging but is afraid to increase her rates for fear of losing her customers/clients

🧲Wants to make more money to support her and her family

🧲Knows that she is capable of charging/making more money but does not have the mindset to back up her desire

🧲Wants to learn how to create tier pricing Knows she is confident but has a hard time allowing the confidence to shine through

🧲Wants to leave a legacy for her family but knows that is not possible with her current fee structure/pricing strategy

🧲Knows that her clients will pay her what she is worth, but is scared to ask for it

🧲 Wants to own her worth, her business, her side-hustle, and her future. 

If any of the above speaks to you, then this portal is for you!

We will be diving deep into Lou’s 12 key factors that collectively create one’s worth:









And, it is also…

What you are selling

How you are selling

Pricing for value AND outcomes

What you are not posting on socials

The product/service ladder you haven’t created

Bonus: Learning how to HOLD THE ENERGY of your new pricing & offers.


You will receive potent, actionable directions to make the moves needed to charge your worth.

Along with these 12 keys, we will also be diving deep into the mindset that is needed to stand behind your worth.

We will be working on how to create and keep this mindset so that as you continue to grow in the 12 keys you can continually increase your worth to match your position in your life journey.

After our time together you will: Understand how each key works, and how to work each key effectively use all 12 keys to create your worth

Have new rates, offers, and containers that correctly reflect your worth

Be able to level up your business, cash flow, and legacy by increasing your worth

Learn how to increase your rate by continually expanding in the 12 keys Have no fear or stress about raising your prices now or in the future.

What if you are keeping yourself from serving the people who truly need you because of the lack of value you place on yourself?

$177.00 USD