$24.00 USD

Lou Clarke's: The Secret Offer

You wish you had the most epic pep-talk from a business cheerleader who believes in you and your purpose and knows exactly what to say to get your mojo running.

You get momentum, have the fire under your ass, see results, then the level-up comes, and it feels like things are not working. The wobble is natural.

You created an opportunity of a lifetime and became your own boss, but now you feel lonely and wish you had people to talk to who gets it.

Chasing your dreams sometimes gets challenging, and quitting seems easier than continuing.

It would be amazing to simply push a button, and BAM! There she is! A woman in business who gets you, your journey, and what it's like to go it alone because she's been there. HELLO! Have you met me?

⬆️THAT⬆️ is what the secret offer is all about.

In The Secret Offer, I share how to:
-do the hard shit
-do the things that don't make sense
-bring mystery into your life and business 

I also mentor you on the following:
-who are you speaking to online
-who is your unicorn client 
-if you want to attract more money and more clients, how are you showing up

We also talk about the deep stuff, like:
-are you satisfied with your business and where you are
-your business is a reflection of who you are 
-who do you have to become to hit those goals, visions 
-are you willing to do the work 

I even spit some truth bombs, such as:
- if it doesn't bring you peace, joy, prosperity and happiness, then why are we doing it 
-the company doesn't own you, you own the company 
-when you try to force something into the world, it will eventually come, but at what cost 
-if you are not in a space of excitement in your business, what are you doing about it, and who are you being about it 

I also help you dive into your business with the following:
-what is one thing in your business that isn't working the way you hoped it would, and what are you going to do about it
-when you have to do something you don't want to do, find something inside that you don't want to do 
-you need space to play and create but not too much space that you don't do anything 

I support you in manifesting your future:
-look five years ahead -what does it look like, what are your hopes and dreams, and who do I have to know to become her now 
-you can have goals, but you need to embody and regulate to it 
-can't magnetize to come to you if you are not a fit

This training is a pep-talk, a motivation to grow, an ass-kicking to move, and the activation conversation that is needed to take you to the next level in your business and your life.

This training is delivered in video format, and we have uploaded it to a podcast feed so that you can have me, your cheerleader, in your ear anytime, anywhere.