Feast & Famine, The Master Experience

This training and experience is one EVERY business owner needs who wants to know exactly WHAT to do when they feel are in “feast or famine”, showing you how to move to FEAST, build wealth, and be in a damn hot and sexy relationship with your money, always.

Dive deep into the core understanding of:

  • The illusions of Feast & Famine and what your mindset should be instead so you can build your wealth, ALL THE DAMN TIME without these mindset blocks
  • How to make your life a FEAST, repeatedly
  • The exact steps to shift your mindset and rewrite your money story for good


If you're a business owner or entrepreneur who often finds yourself thinking, "Why does it seem like I can never get ahead?" or "How do I get out of this financial rut and experience the feast again?" – Feast and Famine is crafted for YOU.


From the desk of the Feast and Famine Expert, Lou Clarke. 

You can feel it in your business and life as an entrepreneur and biz owner, right? 

That shift between feeling sometimes like you may be in famine, and then experiencing the highs of “feast” and ALL the emotions that brings up?

That situation of being in either stage with the worries, the blocks, the freezes, the frenzy, the distraction from enjoying your life and business, the doubts, the “will this last”, the DAMN BAD DECISIONS living in response to these two highs and lows can leads to if not managed right.


That FAMINE feeling of:


  • Constant doubt clouding every decision - and if you should even be in business
  • Experiencing the sinking feeling of never having enough and it eating into your confidence around everything
  • Seriously desiring that feeling of abundance and joy but always feeling blocked by unforeseen barriers.
  • Feeling drained, demotivated, and distant from your business goals as you blame them (or you) for not delivering the Feast you seek.


Then the FEAST feeling which can be a high, but a turbulent one: 


  • You receive money that you don’t energetically know how to handle, and it creates all types of emotions and rollercoasters in your body 
  • People don’t know how to sit in the energy of Feast, and end up blowing money all because of their mindset bringing regret and blocks to building wealth in the future


I know, because I have been there 

Listen, I physically lived in the Famine Modality for years. Though we could pay our mortgage & property taxes, we did not have money for nice groceries, nice clothes, or nice things... nice = enjoyable!

Most nights & weekends you would find me working my ass off trying to make a couple of extra dollars so that I could buy chicken. You know it's shitty when a "decent meal" is ground beef & mashed potatoes.

This was all because a client decided that since I was pregnant with my 3rd child that I was "unfit" to fulfill my position as their contracted bookkeeper. This all happened after we moved our family into a larger home, closer to the client's office. This client was 70% of our income.

But, you know what?? It was ALL in the best interest of my future & our family's future.  


Because I learned how to manage famine AND feast. And from that work any journey? 

Now we live in FEAST... and we FEAST VERY WELL - going from $3 from bankruptcy to $5 million net worth

And now just like I did, it's time to get the HELL out of this gigantic rollercoaster between Feast and Famine and love money and life in ALL the stages - and navigate them all so damn well.



What if you knew EXACTLY the HOW, WHAT, WHY, & WHEN of living AND moving through these 2 modalities? 

What if you knew how to recognize what financial flow you are in and what to do in each energy so that you prosper regardless?

What if you can teach your body how to live in feast mode most of the time so that you can create the beautiful life you want and desire?

What if you could create a relationship with your money from a place of abundance and not fear, to live your authentic self through your money & energy?


This? Is exactly what The Feast and Famine Masterclass is about.





“Where do I even begin?! Being in your world is a constant wave of takeaways!”


I just wanted to give you a bit of an appreciation message-  I am teaching my body how to live in feast mode more of the time, and with that comes a hunger. A hunger to learn, a hunger to understand and grow”


“Thank you Lou Clarke for another amazing master experience. I've felt my passion being ignited again and it's what I needed”



In this training, it’s time to OWN the transformative steps to master your relationship with money, shift from famine to feast, and build the money story you damn well deserve. 

😍 Finally realise why you're stuck in that famine mindset. We will go head-on with how and why basing your happiness on your financial state is damaging your psyche. And how to get the hell rid of this so you can rise above and genuinely love your life.

😍 It's time to treat your money as a relationship, give it the respect it deserves without letting it dominate your world. YOU are the damn boss and it can’t f*ck with you any longer. There's a balance, and you're about to discover it.


😍 No more endless chases after fleeting wealth - that feeling like you are always trying to hunt for money and it is always slipping away. Learn what you should ACTUALLY ‘chase’ to have the wealth come to YOU.

😍 Move your mindset to become the badass business owner you are that these mindset issues are blocking. The power, emotions, and feelings you crave? They're within you. And it’s time to learn to tap into them whenever you decide.

If you've ever felt shackled by financial constraints or the weight of societal expectations, this session will empower you to reclaim control. Your journey from famine to feast is about to get a major upgrade. Get ready to level up and redefine your financial narrative.



In these recorded riffs from Lou, you will hear her answer the most frequently asked questions that entrepreneurs are asking around money mindset regarding feast and famine. 

Questions that can support YOU on your journey as you integrate these changes and skills into your life like: 

😍 “What boundaries and mindset do you have in place when in feast mode so you don’t fall back into famine mode?”

😍 “I have issues in that all my “feast” money gets allocated to debt and then it’s gone. It’s like a hamster wheel. What should I do?”

😍 “What is the best advice you can give to help those of us who haven’t hit consistent revenue in our business yet?”

😍 “How do I crack the code to allow my body to feel ease towards money?”


😍 “How can you stay in feast mode in very tough times” (where Lou will share her toughest moment, vulnerably) 

😍 “Even though we are comfortable I still worry about money and I am worried my money stress is passing onto my children - please help!”  

And so much more… it’s personal experience and potent questions that YOU can take away to power your life and business

$111.00 USD