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Residue. The Experience


When you are shifting your energy, your atmosphere, and your journey, things will seem to go wrong, or things will seem to pop up when it’s least expected… 


What if… Every moment of your life came with excitement?

What if… You were able to love & enjoy EVERY decision, even when shit “got hard”? 

 What if… You could see the sum of a decision before you make it? 

What if… You knew how to make the best decision for your tomorrow, knowing the EXACT outcome of the said decision?

Have you ever wondered why your bank account doesn't match your current energy in your business & life?

For example, maybe you have caught yourself saying things like:

"I know I should have more money"

"I don't get it, I feel like a 7-figure woman, but I am barely scraping 6-figures"

"Why doesn't my bank account reflect my current work ethic?"

Well, I am here to tell you that there is a very good explanation as to why you are feeling this way and I am about to share this with you!

Not only am I going to share why your bank account never seems to match your energy and how to resolve it!


WTF is Residue anyways?

It is the energy, situations, and consequences that are leftover AFTER you take action. 

The goal is to see the Resiude you want ahead of taking the action so that you are no longer living in regret, fear, frustration, or doubt. 


After this class, you will know how to:

  • remove the old residue from your life
  • acknowledge when shitty residue is being created
  • create AND sustain new residue to create the life you have always dreamt of
  • hold the energy needed to sustain the new residue, especially in the "tough times"
  • build the bank account of your dreams 

This digital program consists of a part 2 video training with Lou and nearly 2 hours of Q&A with Lou.

This training may be hard to articulate, but it does find a place in everyone's journey.

You do receive lifetime access with your enrollment into Residue. 

What People Are Saying:

Lou Clarke thank you for the affirmation on that. It makes total sense now! That is what is happening in terms of the action - I just didn’t have the perspective to see it that way before.


Thank you Lou Clarke, I know that this investment is small potatoes in the big picture, it feels like difficult residue to navigate because of leaving my job because of a me too moment, struggling with money as a result, and now living with debt. I agree the work and the outcomes are expansive, did expand me, and are priceless AND that I may have had a different idea of the outcome going into the container. Thank you for that perspective! The Residue experience has been life changing, wealth changing, and sacred. Lou, you’re a gift and I’m so thankful I manifested you to help heal this part of myself that has so desperately needed it. I can’t wait to see what you launch next! #takemymoney (as long as it’s in my budget, #liberation)

Lauren D.

As for me, I just finished listening to the Residue Experience and I loved every bit of it. The first part where you talk about your Mom and watching where your energy leaks is what I mostly need to work on, especially with my parents. Lots of things to untangle there but being aware of it helps me shift it. Also, as I was finishing the class I decided to clean up the kitchen and found a fortune cookie. I laughed when I read it. Lou is my new friend helping me break out of an old routine! Ha!


This was amazing. I’m going to rewatch Residue and I’m already applying it to my life 🖤


Hi Lou Clarke. First of all I am so happy I chose to go through this experience. I have been struggling with my relationship with money since, forever. Definitely lots of generational cleaning needed. Lots of residue that has passed as family trauma (Holocaust) and unmet expectations. I am cutting cords now. With all those energies. I was listening to it all today… and I know what I have to do. Let the rabbit fest begin…. Thank you Lou!

Ms. A