The Money Streams


How would it feel to have multiple streams of income working for you while you simply live your life?

What would you do differently if you knew that your steps today were creating YOUR wealth for your tomorrow?

Where would your mindset & energy be, right now, if you had money coming into your life from all different directions?


Having multiple streams of income is




& Orgasmic …


Talking about this has…

My heart is beating fast

My breathing has deepened &

My body is experiencing the energy that one has during sex!


I want you to have the same experience with your money!

I am excited to share my 14 streams of income with you…

what I did

what I am doing

the mentors I have

so that you can create these 14 streams for yourself… or even start with 1 or 2!

You CAN build wealth for you & your generations to come!

This is the container where I am going to share EVERYTHING…

It even includes meeting my MENTORS! Yes! They will be with my LIVE during this program!

This is your moment…

Are you ready to change your future?

The 14 streams are easy to start and you can start with no money, or a small amount of money. 

And… you will also learn where to find the money needed for certain streams!


These trainings will be the most intimate, sexy, energetic and orgasmic money experience for those who desire to slip into 



💋learn directly from Lou’s stream Mentors 
💸recorded trainings
💸lifetime access

Here are just a few of the streams that you will learn about AND be able to make moves, quickly…


💦Crypto Mining

💋Stock Market

💦Coaching in Your Zone of Genius

💋Cold Hard Cash

💦Digital Products That Anyone Can Create

… and there are 8+ more than these!


If you want to maket this the year you become the owner of multiple streams of income… THIS is the program for you to get your ass into! 

Are you ready to slip into the STREAMS with me? 💋💦💦💦

Lou’s Streams

🚀2.Hosting classes
🚀3.Digital Product 1. Passive 
🚀6.Crypto Mining 
🚀7.Rental Income 
🚀9/10.Business (different packages)
🚀11.Stock Market w/ advisor Investments 1. Personal 2. Corporate 
🚀12.Cash where to find the $$- leads to PBP (bank accounts)
🚀13.Lending Money
🚀 14.Business Expenses - saves tax money with CASH
🚀15.Money Management- keep in pocket (interest) with CASH|
🚀17.Shakepay (crypto)
🚀18.Affiliate Income 
🚀20.Speaking with COACHING

$2,222.00 USD