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Join Lou in her secret "in live time" broadcast, where she will share her riffs and rants with ongoing teachings and trainings, so that you can create the results that you want, need, and desire in your business. 

"Who would have thought we would get all this for just $33 USD a month? Holy Crap!"

Lou is pioneering a new way of learning, serving, and supporting many business owners worldwide with her new "In Bed With Your Business Broadcast" while keeping the monthly investment extremely affordable. This way, no one is left out, and everyone can learn from a multi-millionaire... no matter where they are in the business & financial journey.

This is where you will get inside Lou's brain, learn from her 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, and experience her unique way of mentoring her clients. 

Lou will cover all things...

  • business growth & development

  • money, making, creating, managing, & stacking

  • mindset work for business & personal development

  • energetics around mind, money, business and self


What you'll get:

  • access to the broadcast via Telegram

  • trainings that will drop live, daily, if not multiple times a day

  • ability to have your questions answered by Lou

  • access the entire broadcast; whether you join on Day 1 or Day 1001, you can scroll through and listen to all trainings.

Here are just a few responses from a past 5 day Broadcast with Lou...


**This is a "no strings attached" month-to-month membership. You can cancel anytime. Canceling your membership will remove you from the broadcast.

You can access the Broadcast immediately... and we go live on May 17, 2024!

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